How To Start

Find out how to open a STEEMIT account and turn crypto into cash

2. #introduceyourself & Post Content

Once you've officially signed up with Steemit say hello and post in #introduceyourself. Let the community know who you are what you're thinking of bringing to the table.

Start posting content!

3. Turn Steem & SBD into Bitcoin

Once people upvote your content you'll start earning either Steem or SBD (Steem-Backed-Dollars). You'll learn the basics of trading here as you'll need to convert them into Bitcoin (or one of the cryptos supported by Coinbase) before you can change it into your local currency.

a) Sign up to the crypto exchange BINANCE. Click here to sign up to BINANCE.

b) Transfer your Steem/SBD from your Steemit wallet to your BINANCE trading account.

c) Convert your Steem/SBD into Bitcoin (BTC).

4. Turn Bitcoin into Cash

a) Sign up to COINBASE. Click here to sign up to COINBASE.

b) Move your Bitcoin from your BINANCE account to your COINBASE account.

NOTE: Make sure you send your Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address (ie. Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address, Litecoin to a Litecoin address, Ethereum to an Ethereum address etc..)

If you're in the States, add your US Bank Account and cash out to it.

If you in the UK, it's recommended to cash out to a Euro bank account because it's cheaper and faster

NOTE: If you don't have a Euro bank account REVOLUT offers one for free. Click here to open a free REVOLUT bank account


You've succesfully turned your precious crypto into boring cash but sometimes we do need to eat. :-)

The process listed above may seem quite long in the beginnning. It can be difficult to grasp the ecosystem of this new economy. There are quite a few things to sign up to and each step has its own learning curve. All the platforms listed above will have their own help and explainer section if you would like to learn more. Steemit is also an extremely useful resource and you can ask people questions directly.

We hope you enjoy and learn more about the new economy that blockchain has to offer.